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Stand Together Stories

Transformed people transform others. Their stories have the power to inspire communities to work together to make a difference. Stand Together Stories is an online showcase of what's possible when we unite to remove the barriers preventing individuals from reaching their full potential.

Stand Together is a nonprofit social change organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by investing in what’s working to help people in poverty transform their lives. The most powerful resource in breaking the cycle of poverty is the people who have lived it. Armed with the truth that comes with first-hand experience, we believe that those closest to the problems are best equipped to solve them. That’s why we invest in people who have experienced addiction, debt, homelessness, chronic unemployment, and lack of opportunity first hand. We partner with the most effective changemakers fighting poverty in America today and we help them maximize their impact to transform more lives.

Through Stories, we capture the power of individuals and highlight the role of communities in helping people break the cycle of poverty, and hope to inspire others that change is possible. We will also find every opportunity for you to get involved!

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"We are people that are capable of extraordinary things, no matter what we’ve been through."
Richard Miles
Founder & Executive Director, Miles of Freedom


Everyone has a unique story to tell. Poverty is complex and persistent, and the paths out are as unique as the individuals experiencing it. There is not one cause to poverty, but you’ll see some consistent themes about what it takes to break through barriers: a belief that transformation is possible, the opportunity for each person to tap into their unique gifts and talents, strong community, and the opportunity to create value for others. Stand Together partners with organizations through six portfolio topic areas focused on key barriers to opportunity and our stories are categorized accordingly.

"Where you come from does not determine where you are going. My situation didn’t change, but my perspective and my mindset did. I don’t have to be a victim of the way I grew up. The more I keep learning, the more I feel EMPOWERED."
Path Project

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